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using the power of video

You need more than just great video;

it's how you market it that determines success.

Our clients are on page one of Google and YouTube (2nd largest search engine in the world),
driving engagement across social media, and more. If you want to be a leader in your market,
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Longtin Media Group helps our clients

be market leaders in their industry

We help define a content strategy then build out a video production plan for the highest quality & quantity of video for your budget. After videos are created, we use our 20-years in marketing to leverage them across the internet for SEO, branding, and social media engagement. And unlike many competitors, we track success and send monthly progress reports.

Certified & experienced industry experts


What our clients are saying...

“She is where most SEO guys will be in ten years. I dominate in Google videos for my keywords.”

- Plastic Surgeon in Honolulu, Hawaii

“For the first time since I have owned [my practice], I feel that our marketing is really amazing and I’m not even leading it. I want to thank you for that.”

- Dermatologist in Seattle, Washington

“Jen Longtin is one of the best producers/directors I have ever worked with.”

- Plastic surgeon, Seattle, Washington

We’ll take you from start to finish:

from video production to marketing and analytics

Video production
Video production

We collaborate together to ensure their video achieves goals like branding, Google/YouTube search placement, website SEO, and lead generation. Our team is only seasoned veterans, so you can trust your production is always in good hands.

Video engine
Video engine

After your video is produced, we launch our video content engine to ensure every video supports your business. Videos will attract new viewers to your website and social channels for years to come and position you above competitors.

Content marketing

We know that video makes all marketing better - it improves key metrics for email, it increases engagement in social media, and adds two minutes time-on-site for most websites, improving SEO ranks.2 We can you help bring all these stats to true life. We do it every day and our clients see an improvement almost immediately.


People love video because it gives them an emotional connection and it's processed 60,000 times faster than text. But as marketers, if we rest on this, we are not doing our job. That’s why our clients receive monthly statistics - what worked, what could be improved, and what we will do next to stay ahead of the pack.

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