Content & Video Marketing Services

Content & Video Marketing Services

If you are still debating between video and blogs know this:

 Video is processed 60,000 times faster than text, neurologically
 Video is more likely to build an emotional connection to your brand
 Nearly 40 percent of viewers are more likely to share content compared to a blog.*

Marketing Services

One cohesive package

Think email marketing, social media, blogs, website content, and PR designed to make your business better than the others and delivers the biggest impact. We start with business goals and create a marketing strategy and tactics based on priority.

We build in video shoots to these packages because they are a core piece of our content strategy. We ensure your marketing plans get more and more sophisticated, but with ease. Achieve more than you could imagine with monthly essentials, calendars and key metrics.

We offer basic and premium packages to select businesses. Contact us to set up time to see if we are a good match.

YouTube, RealSelf, Social Media, Advertising
Within one year of content marketing, these are the results.

Video Marketing Services

Our video marketing packages are created to improve SEO for websites;
ranking on YouTube, Google, and other search engines; and website conversions.

Imagine what 60 minutes of new watchable content
can do for your website and other social channels!

One video per month
(up to three minutes in length)

Two videos per month
(up to five minutes in length)

Industry Leader:
Four videos per month
(up to 12 minutes in length)

"What gets measured gets managed"

- Peter Drucker

All packages include video SEO work and YouTube optimization. We also upload video to Facebook to take advantage of auto-play. At the end of every month, we provide you with analytics so you know exactly what video is doing to drive your business and what we plan to do next to make it even better.

Depending on where your business is from a marketing standpoint, 
we offer add ons to each package for a greater impact.

Strategic add-ons

RealSelf Videos. These are versions that meet the RealSelf guidelines and can be posted directly to your profile.

Instagram/Twitter shorts: We take videos produced monthly and turn them into fun content for your social media marketing.

Advertising: Give your videos an extra boost by promoting them on YouTube and Facebook advertising. We focus in on the demographic that matter and then turn our media buying wisdom on for the best deals in the market.

More Video: Four videos aren’t enough? Let’s create more. We have the reasons why.

Video Shoots: We purposely keep this out of monthly services so our clients can manage their budgets accordingly. Prices vary by location.

The data speaks for itself

Views, view time and traffic sources as a result of video marketing.

Jen Longtin explains:

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