How To Create The Best Testimonial Video

If you grew up when I did then you may think that a great testimonial video includes a very enthusiastic person falling over themselves about the person or product they are selling.

Since then, people have gotten smarter. They don't buy into cheesy testimonials when it comes to a big ticket item and their safety. They want to see proof and they want to hear the message from a source they can trust.

That is why we coach our clients to create videos that tell real stories. Think of these videos as the conversation a friend would have with another friend if you weren't looking. What was the doctor like? What was the consultation like? Did recovery take longer than they claim? Would you go through it again?

Founder of Longtin Media Group, Jen Longtin, explains why testimonials should tell stories vs. sell your practice. And what you can expect from potential patients when they meet you for the first time.

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Video transcript:
"Testimonial videos are one of the most powerful videos that you can create. And what I always recommend to my clients is to tell a story. So rather than focusing on selling yourself, "Oh, my doctor was so amazing, he did the best work. I would tell all my friends about them." Well, we already know that. They're doing a video for you, right?

So really help these patients tell their stories so that other potential patients can relate to them and have an emotional connection to them. And really feel like they've been through the procedure, not only through the procedure but are now enjoying how they feel at the end of the day. I mean, there's nothing more powerful than watching a mother who had a mommy makeover talk about fitting into a bikini or walking by her husband and feeling sexy for the first time in years. So tell a story, help your patients tell a story rather than selling yourself and you will build trust before those patients ever walk in the door."

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