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Want to Drive Traffic to Your Website? Try YouTube Annotations!

Clickable links on YouTube

Drive traffic to website with YouTube Annotations

If you don’t have annotations on your YouTube videos, you are missing a huge opportunity to drive viewers to your website or to direct them to more of your videos.

What is a YouTube Annotation?
YouTube annotations allow you to layer text on your video and create clickable links as a call to action for your viewers. “Click here to schedule a free consultation!” “For more Patient Testimonials, click here!”

YouTube offers 6 different annotations, but the most useful for driving traffic to your website is the Note and the Spotlight. With these two types of annotation, you enable engaged viewers to click on a link and take the next step in their research process.

4 Crazy Awesome Tips for YouTube Annotations

1. Make sure it’s clickable!
You can add titles and text to your videos, but by adding a clickable link, viewers can easily find their way to your website or to more of your videos. When viewers mouse over the call to action, the text box is highlighted and one click gets them where you want them to go.

2. Wait at least 30 seconds for videos one minute or more!
Give viewers some time to get into your video before prompting them to take action.

3. Provide a visual with the doctor’s prompt!
If the doctor invites viewers to call for a free consultation, include an annotation with the phone number. If the doctor references before and after photos, use an annotation with a clickable link to the practice’s photo gallery.

4. Put annotations in a smart spot!
Avoid text boxes that block the speaker, have text that does not contrast enough with the background, or are just generally ugly or somehow unappealing. You’ve seen tacky, steer clear of it!

For more info on how to use annotations in your videos, visit the YouTube Creators Academy

Or, watch one of our videos to see them in action.

Annotations drive engaged viewers to your website. These are the valuable visitors interested in taking the next step in their research process.