Video Production – 4 Critical Production Preps for Every Video Shoot

Video shoot in Seattle, WA

Video shoot in Seattle, WA

With the improvement of new phones and cameras these days, anyone can shoot a video. But don't think that shooting a video just means you need a camera - what you really need is a plan. Here are 4 critical video production preps that make every video better.

Step 1: Establish Your Objective
Who is your audience? What is your key message to this audience? What should viewers do as a result of this video?

Less is more when it comes to concepts. Create a great 2-minute-or-less video on a single topic instead of trying to cram multiple themes into one long video. Rambling videos are quick way to lose valuable viewers.

Step 2: Create a Script
Although it’s tempting to “wing it” on camera, it will leave you with long-winded explanations that drop viewers faster than a hot potato. Have a plan and a clear message that keeps your viewers interested, engaged, and queued to watch your next video.

Creating a script helps you stick to keywords and ideas you intend to convey. Even if you stray from the exact script, having taken the time to write one can keep you focused on your message. Creating a series of questions which guide the talent through their story is another way to ensure the resulting content fulfills your video objective.

Step 3: Confirm, Confirm, Confirm!

There’s nothing like investing time and money into a video project only to have the videographer double booked and your on-camera talent show up at the wrong location.
Check in with everybody involved in the video shoot a week before the shoot AND the day before your scheduled event. Confirm the date, time, and location.
Triple check your equipment needs: camera, sound, and lighting. And make sure batteries are charged!
Before every shoot, take the time to train and prepare video talent for their moment in the spotlight. From appropriate clothing choices to shiny noses, from posture to volume. It’s worth every penny.

Step 4: Relax
This isn’t surgery - have some fun. Know that perfection is not the objective, rather it is authenticity! Viewers will connect with you on a deeper level when you are at ease and genuine.

Coming up…. What should you always have ready for your video shoot? Tune in next week when we talk about what we bring to every shoot.

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